A top position in the Spanish market.

Together with Caser, Helvetia is one of the key players in Spain’s insurance market. That fills CEO Iñigo Soto with pride. The helvetia 20.25 strategy gives him the impetus to become even better.

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The helvetia 20.20 strategy has been completed. What conclusions has Helvetia Spain drawn from it? What goals were achieved?

The challenges we set ourselves when we designed the strategy more than five years ago have been met.

In products and distribution, we remain the leader in burial insurance. We have also concluded some milestone agreements, becoming, for example, one of the leaders in motorcycle insurance through our partner Pont Group. We have also reorganized our sales division, making it more agile, more efficient and more tailored to the type of agent. We are much more multichannel, having strengthened our relationships with brokers and invested in a more effective online channel.

In general, we have made our processes more efficient and more flexible after analysing and enhancing our operating model. We are constantly making advances with digitalization, too, improving our website, our customer and agent portals, our digital customer journey and our chatbot tools.

We are also very pleased that over the last five years, awareness of our brand has grown from 39.5% to 47.2%.

Finally, I would like to underscore the excellent position that Helvetia Group has achieved in Spain since acquiring a 70% stake in Caser. It has made us one of the key players in the Spanish market. This is a source of great pride for all of us who have been part of the group for many years, and it represents a great opportunity for the company and the people who are part of it.

Helvetia’s goals include excellent customer service, fast claims processing, streamlined processes, etc. How does Helvetia Spain intend to become more customer-focused?

How do you know what the customers want? We want to gain a very close understanding of the people to whom we offer our services. That is why we have set up a marketing department comprising specialists in customer behaviour and data analytics. In this context, we launched a very interesting project called Customer Value 3.0, which will allow us to capture and evaluate our customers’ preferences and values better. That means more agile, higher-quality and simultaneously more efficient underwriting and claims management processes.

“But it remains our priority to establish a professional network of agents and brokers.”

What action are you taking to ramp up SME business?

Our focus is on developing comprehensive solutions for our customers. That’s why our goal is to become the best partner for those agents and brokers to whom we can provide clear added value, so that together we can achieve a significant increase in business volume. And, to that end, we have launched a product improvement project and are increasing the number of specialized personnel across our company.

What channels do you intend to promote in Spain? Where do you want to strengthen your position and expand your presence?

We will continue to build up our online channel and, at the same time, actively seek out alliances with partners so as to expand our sphere of action. But it remains our priority to establish a professional network of agents and brokers.

And we want all this to be embedded in a multichannel environment that is flexible, simple and clear for the customer.

Where does Helvetia Spain stand in terms of digitalization?

We are focused on developing solutions that allow us to meet our strategic objectives, especially those related to simplicity. With that in mind, we are developing platforms for data analytics, enhancing our communications and generally furthering the technological evolution of all our systems – all in close cooperation with the Group.

What does a company need to be successful?

The plan

A strong vision should shine over the company and empower everyone in it to give their best.

On which of the four strategic priorities is Helvetia Spain concentrating?

All four are important for Helvetia’s future growth and the efficiency of our business. We are convinced that simplicity and customer convenience along with our “best partner” approach are the tools that will allow us to achieve our economic objectives in a sustainable way and to add value. At the same time, we are open to new opportunities that will be decisive in achieving sustainability and diversification.

Where do you want to be in 2025? What market position are you aiming for?

We want to be a larger and more profitable company, and a key part of a leading group in the Spanish market. We want to be close to our customers and make their lives easier – by offering them solutions that match their expectations. We want to enjoy excellent relationships with our partners and generate the value and stability needed to successfully tackle the next strategic phase.

viva. climb.