Being there when it matters.

What drives us? Where does our energy and passion come from? Representatives from all countries have asked themselves these questions. And found one clear answer.

1. The journey

More than190 employees, including Group Executive Management, have jointly developed the purpose. Their aim wasn’t to reinvent the purpose, but to make it visible. Helvetia wants to become more aware of its drive and the source of its energy.

2. The result

With a history spanning over 160 years, Helvetia has come a long way – but its purpose will remain the same in future: We would like to enable people in all situations in life to seize opportunities and minimize risks.

Regardless of whether you’re about to start a family, embark on a long trip or build a home: Helvetia is there for its customers when it matters. This creates the confidence to imagine, build and grow.

Opportunities and risks: Building a house Starting a family Travelling Establishing a company

3. Why purpose matters

The purpose creates a Group-wide identity. Studies have shown that companies that obtain their energy from a strong purpose ...

… have more dedicated employees.

… create a significantly better customer experience,

… enjoy more financial success.

viva. climb.