viva is served!

Isabella Awad,

viva editorial team

Management has the best of intentions and has loaded up the “strategy table”. Have you already tried one of the four priorities? The bowl of new opportunities is within reach and there are many platters with customer needs. Philipp Gmür recommends the purpose: a feast!

In this issue of viva you can learn all about the helvetia 20.25 strategy – here in Switzerland and in the other country markets. The CEOs set out the targets and trainees say what they contribute. Simon May from the IFJ Institute for Young Entrepreneurs, textile producer Andreas Tischhauser and the guys at Planted reveal which strategies they are successfully implementing. Plus, get to know some unconventional bosses and relax with an online cooking course or a virtual tour through the Mozart museum.

By the way: in the Gmür household, “smiling disarmingly” is also a strategy. Good to know that such simple human reactions still work.

Everyone who enjoys viva in small bites will digest it more easily. Enjoy!

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