Ready, set, go!

Helvetia Italia is raring to go – ready to take on the challenges of a rapidly developing market with fresh energy and renewed impetus.

Interview Alida Dossena Photo provided

What is your takeaway from the helvetia 20.20 strategy?

Helvetia Italia has successfully implemented the helvetia 20.20 strategy. The three mutually complementary interconnected dimensions which have shaped the past five years – integration, innovation and intensification – have created a solid basis for us to build the coming strategy on. The integration of Nationale Suisse marked an initial major step, followed by further rationalization measures. This in turn paved the way for streamlining the Group structure, integrating systems and processes and increasing efficiency at the organizational level.

Digital transformation is optimizing business models. Volume-based intensification efforts strengthened existing distribution channels and supplanted the traditional multi-channel approach in favour of omni-channel logic.

Which is the main target group in Italy?

Private individuals, families and small and medium-sized enterprises continue to make up the target group.

We aim to secure a stronger position on the Italian market.

Above all, our ambition is to move up to join the top five in selected insurance lines in the SME segment. We want our distribution partners to view us as their key contacts. This aspect is especially crucial for providers such as Helvetia Italia without an exclusive network of intermediaries.

Which of the four strategic priorities – customer convenience, suitable offers, profitable growth and new opportunities – are you concentrating on for Italy?

While Helvetia Italia aims to leverage all four strategic priorities, customer convenience will be the core focus. Balanced and coherent management of omni-channel distribution capacity is the key to meeting customer expectations and standing out from the competition not only in terms of quality, but also price. Without question, the culture of “systematically focusing on the customer” must be based on deeds and not words. Easy contactability is a must. This allows the contact person to quickly take customer issues on board and provide solutions to any problems. This increases customer satisfaction as well as customer retention.

«Above all, our ambition is to move up to join the top five in selected insurance lines in the SME segment.»

What are the principal challenges facing Helvetia Italia?

The innovation dimension will assume a more vital role going forward. And this is not just purely a question of technology, but primarily a question of culture. Physical distribution is not to be replaced by the deployment of technology. Sales staff need to be more modern, more agile and more efficient, in short: even more competitive.

The idea behind “focusing on the customer” is to build up an extensive offering that consists of replacing the concept of the insurance policy as a product with a service concept that goes beyond pure insurance. This approach becomes more concrete when seen in the context of ecosystems that also include partners from other sectors in which Helvetia can synergize with external providers to access a market and customer base that is interested in support, protection and security on a daily basis. The objective is to expand the offering and introduce an integrated model based on a network of different providers in order to deliver mutually complementary services that create huge added value. In all probability, this is the biggest challenge facing the insurance industry.

What market position is Helvetia Italia targeting by 2025?

By 2025 Helvetia Italia aims to be a successful presence in the market without losing its innate identity as a Swiss company. At the same time, we want to demonstrate our innovative strength and remain in sync with the fast-developing environment. We aim to consistently live out our focus on customers and provide them with an integrated physical and digital offering. Primarily, we intend to prove that, despite technological advances, it is ultimately people that make the difference. Successful implementation of the helvetia 20.25 strategy is built on the commitment and know-how of employees who make their company’s objectives their own and realize this common vision at the personal and collective levels.

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