Young and committed.

It is not only Helvetia’s management that is concerned with strategy – apprentices and trainees in all country markets are also thinking about what helvetia 20.25 means for their work.

Compiled by Fabienne Prétôt Photos provided

What does the strategy mean to you as a Helvetia trainee?

Edita Turanovic | Vienna

For me as a Helvetia trainee, the helvetia 20.25 strategy is proof that the company I work for consciously sets goals that it wants to achieve within a certain period of time.

Roberto Morra | Milan

For me it means being part of a responsible group that focuses on the professional advancement of its employees and the growth of its business.

Javier Sanchez | Seville

I help our intermediaries to become specialists in the company’s products so that they can give our customers comprehensive advice.

How do you contribute to the implementation of the strategy?

Mario Chorques Meléndez | Caser, Madrid

It was my job to coordinate those responsible for individual strategic goals so that they could gather the necessary information and present Executive Management with a unified strategic plan.

Ángela Valenzuela | Seville

As a member of the training department, I help to simplify processes so that our intermediaries and employees perceive us as our brand promise puts it: in the simplest and clearest way. To this end we are working on automating numerous administrative processes, such as the preparation of the annual training report.

Jing Li | Caser, Madrid

I contribute by refining the skills acquired during my first degree in economics and my master’s degree in actuarial science. These studies are closely related to the business areas developed in consulting. I hope to gradually take on more responsibilities, tapping into new opportunities that contribute to profitable growth.

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