Young and committed.

It is not only Helvetia’s management that is concerned with strategy – apprentices and trainees in all country markets are also thinking about what helvetia 20.25 means for their work.

Compiled by Fabienne Prétôt Photos provided

What does the new strategy mean in your day-to-day training?

Ángela Valenzuela | Seville

The strategy encourages me in my daily quest for excellence in my work, to feel part of the machinery of a company where we each play our part in achieving the best results.

Noelia Lehner | GA Buchs and Owura- Kofi Kramo | GA Olten

Each employee has to perform his or her daily work in a more concentrated and focused manner. That could lead to a resource bottleneck, and it’s possible that the exchange between the trainer and the apprentice on more complex topics might be lost.

Alix Douang Praseuth | Le Havre

As a trainee and future young employee, I think it is important for a company to communicate its strategy and goals clearly to all staff – thus promoting cooperation and inspiring us all to achieve a common goal. In a word, Helvetia France’s strategy puts the focus back on what I consider to be the most important issues: customer experience, developing historical business, new opportunities, talent management.

How can Helvetia make life simpler for its customers?

Martina Tofi | Milan

I see communication and adaptation as two fundamental elements that could make customers’ lives simpler. We should live in the present, look to the future and remember our past. The last cohorts of generations Y and Z will soon be with us. We have to be ready to welcome them with appropriate products, tools and digital structures.

Bozhura Georgieva | Lyon

Digitalization looks like the best solution. I’m thinking particularly of IT tools, which not only make our work at Helvetia France easier, they also help to improve the customer experience.

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