Young and committed.

It is not only Helvetia’s management that is concerned with strategy – apprentices and trainees in all country markets are also thinking about what helvetia 20.25 means for their work.

Compiled by Fabienne Prétôt Photos provided

Where do you see new opportunities for Helvetia?

Toni Lehnert | Frankfurt

Selective participation in promising start-ups in Europe offers the potential to support our customers even more effectively, and so does our colleagues’ own innovative strength.

Sabrina Müller | Frankfurt

I see opportunities for Helvetia in the further development of insurance products tailored individually to customers’ needs. And I think there is potential for providing our customers with personal, more individual advice.

Edita Turanovic | Vienna

I see Helvetia dominating the online market in the near future as the market leader in private and corporate customer consultation. Helvetia should seize the opportunity, focusing specifically on companies. I would call Helvetia an insurer with no age restrictions: I also see an opportunity to focus on older young people, such as students and apprentices. If we are there from the beginning and apply the strategy successfully, we have gained a loyal customer.

Martina Tofi | Milan

What I think Helvetia could do is refine artificial intelligence: an innovation whose algorithms allow us to develop automated processes to optimize productivity and efficiency, saving time and making us more competitive. Internal communication, especially with junior staff, is also very important. As well as communication with our customers and partners, we also need employee communication, built on tackling difficulties together and stressing that growth is based on reciprocity.

Javier Sanchez | Seville

I see opportunities for improvement in terms of the digital transformation of the company, bringing us even closer to our customers. There is also scope for optimizing the claims service, increasing control over time, quality and costs.

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